Our roots are humble

If you’re wondering who we are and where we came from, look no further. We will break it down for you here.


Together is a service company that spun off our parent company Galaxy. Galaxy has been providing Design, Engineering, and IT services, to Silicon Valley for over 20 years.

Why the spin off?

We realized that not only did our design arm work extremely well, but it required a simple and targeted focus. When we brought other offerings in the mix, it sort of muddied the waters. 

This is why we created Together, to make sure we keep it simple and just focus on design.

What now?

Now, it’s time for you to decide if you’d like to work with us or if you have a need we can help with. 

Or, nothing. Feel free to walk away, or, if you feel like it, give us a ring. It’s all up to you. ?