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Website revamp, e-commerce, branding, strategy, and UX Strategy,


UX architecture, UX strategy, UX auditing, UX design, experience design, behavioral, design.


Strategy, web design, and development for a launch campaign. 

Mobile app and ten foot experience.

Wall Street Journal

UX, UI, Visual Design, and UX strategy.


Usability testing, ethnographic testing, of shopping behaviors, and habits.


UX, UI, and interaction design of an integrated audio player.


Integrated audio player. UX and UI.

Amazon Alexa

Voice based command design, UI design, Voice UX, Voice UI, app onboarding flows, and UX.


UX and UI of an integrated audio player connected through a mobile app for iOS and Android,


Audio design, testing, integration, product design, UI design, product control design, behavior design.


Audio player integrated with audio controls for an Android and iOS App.

Amazon Music

Integration into Amazon’s Music app and how users use basic speaker controls.


Audio integration with speaker controls and music selection. UX. UI. Visual Design.


Mobile app for guide, DVR recording, and video viewing. TV Design and Live Show Interaction Design.


Parental controls application. Discovery and integration design for a mobile product on iOS and Android.


Security Design. UI. UX. User testing. Visual Design, Strategy.

Com Hem

Set top box experience design. UX. UI. Cart. Shopping. Shopping Flows. UX Flows. Information Architecture.


End-to-end onboarding and customer journey mapping. Visual Design. UX. UI. User research.

Columbia University

Website Design. UI. UX. Visual Design.


Customer obsession and mobile security services for Internet browsing and making purchases.


From shop to consumer, end-to-end experience with onboarding new customers to owning a new mobile device. Customer obsession.

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